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Connect global, pay local with a uni-fi device
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Uni-Fi Global provides a 4G Wi-Fi device which enables customers to stay connected at local rates no matter where they are, and avoid the bill shock associated with roaming charges.

Uni-fi devices use cloud-based SIM technology to link to the best local rates providing secure Wi-Fi coverage without the need for local SIM cards. Uni-fi is an ideal product for travellers who need fast, convenient and safe access to the internet without the worry of the high costs associated with roaming charges. Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, Uni-Fi Global’s mission is to enable our customers to stay connected wherever and whenever they travel through our secure, 4G data.

For our corporate customers, we have a selection of data packages available depending on the frequency of travel and volume of data required. For inquiries or further information, please email corporate@unifiglobal.com

Corporate service model
Uni Fi Corporate Service Model – Devices

Provision and set up of devices

Uni Fi Corporate Service Model – Flexible Price Plans

Flexible price plans available based on employee data needs – choose data or time bundles

Uni Fi Corporate Service Model – API

Centralised device management and API access to data

Uni Fi Corporate Service Model – Reporting

Reporting module provides real time data usage allowing for the device and expenditure to be managed centrally

Uni Fi Corporate Service Model – Billing Platform

A billing platform along with a mobile application allows the end user to manage and monitor data usage

Uni Fi Corporate Service Model – Data Interception

Data Interception – using the latest technology ensures no ‘eavesdropping’ through outdated infrastructure