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Press Release: Tech firm can save businesses millions in data roaming whilst travelling intercontinentally

Tuesday, 20th June 2017; Global business travellers can save millions in data roaming charges according to Travelwin, a leading travel tech company operating in this space.

Killian Whelan is CEO of Travelwin, an Irish owned and run company dedicated to identifying key pain points for consumer and business travellers globally.

“Our recent research into the business travel sector shows that they are still being forced to pay significantly over the odds for roaming data. While we acknowledge that consumers are now enjoying some improved data packages in Europe, largely on foot of the recent “Roam Like Home” legislation that came into effect; outside of Europe, there has been no discernible improvement for business travellers – and we believe we can save them millions,” explained Killian.

According to Travelwin, business travellers going to places like Asia, Africa, Australia and South America are paying thousands for access to reliable and secure data, anywhere between £400 to £5,200 * per GB of roaming data, depending on their contract. Having identified this issue Travelwin invested in its own R&D and partnered with a Chinese company, collectively creating “Uni-Fi Global”; a ‘hot spot’ device that offers secure data connectivity globally at local rates. For example, typically 1 GB costs just £20.

Travelwin’s Uni-Fi Global is a cloud based roaming device offering 4G** data coverage at local rates in 100 countries globally. It is a secure platform (global standard encryption) which uses cloud based SIM technology and allows up to five devices to be used at once. From a corporate perspective, there are different payment options available with the most popular being the Data Bundle option with rates as outlined above.

“The costs that businesses are being forced to pay are staggering but with Uni-Fi Global the most substantial cost savings are delivered outside Europe and North America. From a business planning perspective, we think there’s a huge opportunity for companies to eradicate unnecessary roaming costs”, says Killian.

According to Travelwin, a typical international professional services firm with up to 100 employees travelling regularly using an average of 6 GB per month, can expect to save approximately £1m annually.

Killian continues, “Another example of companies we are dealing with are global engineering firms whose employees travel to the Middle and Far East regularly. Depending on volumes and usage, the cost savings could be anywhere from £2m to £8m annually. The Uni-fi device is compelling based on cost but essential for security as these firms cannot rely on public Wi-fi.

“There is now a realisation amongst some global telecommunication companies that voice and text services are dying out in favour of just data. Certainly, from our research we would agree with this scenario which further supports our business case for developing a data only business product such as Uni-fi Global”, concluded Killian.

For further information contact Nikki Gordon PR on 00 353 87 7985759 or nicolargordon@gmail.com
Notes to the Editor
* Costs represent from 40p per MB up to £5per MB based on operators published costs
**When 4G is available locally, otherwise it may be 3G
For further details on Travelwin click here www.travelwingroup.com
For further details of Uni-Fi Global click here www.unifiglobal.com
For further details on Sim Local click here www.simlocal.com

More about Travelwin, Sim Local & Simulator
While introducing Travelwin, Killian outlined the company’s remit to identify customer travel pain points and improve or eradicate them. The company unveiled the new corporate brand – Travelwin – which will be the umbrella brand for their suite of products and services. In addition, they officially launched the Uni-Fi Global device and introduced their proprietary software, Simulator, which has been deployed across their Sim Local retail network. Sim Local is Ireland and UK’s largest provider of pre-paid SIM cards operating through retail, wholesale and on-line.

Travelwin, through its subsidiary brands, develops in-house standalone propriety software as well as enhancing partner products. In the case of the Uni-Fi Global device, Travelwin has created an innovative software solution that enables an improved customer journey.

Through its innovation wing, Travelwin already has a number of Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) telecommunication products and services in the market place including Uni-Fi Global and Sim Local. In addition, Travelwin continues to develop start up brands in other categories which are at varying stages of maturity and market readiness.

Simulator proprietary technology delivers a seamless experience
The original Travelwin brand, Sim Local, is the largest pre-paid SIM card provider in the UK and Ireland; and has a network of 120 outlets across both countries. It is aimed at outbound and inbound travellers who are keen to purchase a local SIM card for their trip, for fear of going over their current bundle allowance. Traditionally the customer journey to apply a bundle to a new SIM card has been difficult and involved a 3-step process including contacting the network via SMS or call. For those customers who managed to complete the process it could take up to seven or eight minutes and the level of error remains relatively high, a huge frustration for customers. To ease the process, Travelwin has developed propriety software called Simulator that uploads the relevant network bundle in just six seconds ensuring the experience for travellers is quick, seamless and results in success. “Our software is now available in multiple outlets across the UK and we expect it to enable the purchase of around half a million SIMs in Heathrow airport alone in the coming year”, confirmed Killian.

Sim Local continues to develop new locations through strategic partners, and 2017 will see at least 4 new countries where we will have a new presence. Total employee numbers at Travelwin have risen from 40 a year ago to 90 reflecting the investment into the products and services.

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