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Killian Whelan

As founder of Sim Local, Killian is an Irish entrepreneur who has established several businesses over his professional career. Killian is currently a Director of Travelwin Group, Great Irish Pubs, Florida, Cogs & Marvel and Solas (an Irish charity helping young adults achieve their potential).

Hakeel Zaman

Hakeel is a qualified barrister and a seasoned professional in sales, business development and marketing. His expertise lies in travel retail, telecommunications, new business development and revenue growth. He focuses on the development of new global commercial agreements.

Tara Looney

Tara has 20 years experience in senior marketing including product and commercial roles, the first 15 of those spent in Australia (Westpac, Commsec, Amex) and the UK (Amex), and final four years before Travelwin were spent with Paddy Power in Dublin. Her focus in Travelwin is to deliver superior customer experience across multiple brands and products.

Stephen Beck

Stephen is a chartered accountant with over 10 years audit & consulting experience. He joined the group in 2014 to develop the financial and administrative support team. He also oversees the Group’s strategy for expansion across multiple sales channels and geographies.

Julie Gibb

Julie has 20 years’ experience in the Information and Telecoms Technology sector. She has an exceptional track record in delivering large scale business, network and IT transformation. She is responsible for the technical development and operational support of the Sim Local portfolio.

Heather Harte

Heather, a qualified journalist, has worked in marketing for over five years. She was a founding member of a technology start-up which was supported by a renowned Irish accelerator programme, before joining the Travelwin Group. Heather’s interests lie in product development and defining the user journey and role within Uni-Fi Global encompasses both marketing and product management.

Harry Powell

Harry’s professional background stems predominantly from B2B publishing and advertising/sales. In more recent years his roles have been refined to new business development and relationship building. Within the Travelwin Group, Harry’s primary focus is to procure new corporate contracts and manage client accounts for Uni-Fi Global.

Silvia Yan

Silvia worked in marketing for 10 years with Chinese businesses where she also secured government funding and awards for a Hong Kong based start-up tech company, before moving to Ireland. Silvia enjoys working closely with the Uni-Fi Global Tech team and participating in R&D for innovative products. Her key role is to improve overall user experience.