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Uni-Fi Global offers broadband connectivity alternative

As the EU’s ‘roam like home’ regulation comes into force one Irish company is targeting markets outside the 27 member states for the delivery of affordable data connectivity.

Travelwin’s Uni-Fi Global is a cloud-based roaming device promising 4G-quality data coverage at local rates in 100 countries.
Killian Whelan, CEO, Travelwin, said: “While we acknowledge that consumers are now enjoying some improved data packages in Europe, largely on foot of the recent roam like home’ legislation that came into effect, outside of Europe there has been no discernible improvement for business travellers.

“The costs that businesses are being forced to pay are staggering but with Uni-Fi Global the most substantial cost savings are delivered outside Europe and North America. From a business planning perspective, we think there’s a huge opportunity for companies to eradicate unnecessary roaming costs.”

“Another example of companies we are dealing with are global engineering firms whose employees travel to the Middle and Far East regularly. Depending on volumes and usage, the cost savings could be anywhere from €2 million to €9 million annually.

“There is now a realisation amongst some global telecommunication companies that voice and text services are dying out in favour of just data. Certainly, from our research we would agree with this scenario which further supports our business case for developing a data only business product such as Uni-Fi Global.”

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